Dear Paul aka "Pongo",

A hearty thanks for your generous donation to Kids Day America/lnternational;. Our purpose was to educate children and inform parents of the health, safety and environmental issues affecting our community. With your help and 'Pongo's" class act, the children had a great time, and we feel we were very successful in reaching this goal!

We had several hundred new friends and neighbors attend the event and we were able to provide Child ID cards for more than 100 children! The cooperation we received from within the community was overwhelming. It was wonderful to see everyone come together for the benefit of our children!

We would like to remind you that a "Thank You" advertisement to all of our contributors will be placed in The Norwalk Hour on Monday May 24, 1999. We wanted to acknowledge your participation and allow the whole community to realize your commitment to children!

We are looking forward to making "Kids Day America/International 2000" a truly unforgettable event!

Thanks Again and we hope to see you all soon!

Yours in health,

Dr. Risa Sloves, Dr. Mark Joachim and Staff